1920 Hope never dies

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10 marzec 2021


Marcin Ciszewski , Joanna Jax , Krzysztof Bochus , Edyta Świętek , Sylwia Zientek , Jacek Galiński , Anna Bińkowska ... i inni.

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14.0 x 20.5 cm


A literary panorama of 1920, which was an exceptional year for the reborn Poland!

Although at the beginning of February the Second Polish Republic gained access to the sea, the borders in Silesia and Masuria were still uncertain. The most dynamic situation was in the east of the country. In the years 1918-1919 there was a Polish-Ukrainian war over the south-eastern voivodeships, while the years 1919-1921 were the time of struggle with Bolshevik Russia for the future of all of Poland. The decisive period of the Polish-Bolshevik war fell on the mentioned year 1920 – it seemed then that only a miracle could stop the rapidly advancing Bolshevik army. Poles from all regions of the country, from Pomerania to Silesia, newly incorporated into Poland, and from Greater Poland to Eastern Borderlands, were involved in the defense against the invaders. On August 13, one of the most important battles in the history of Poland and Europe, known as the Miracle on the Vistula, began. The success of 1920 was the result of the efforts of the entire society - volunteers who enlisted en masse in the army, radio intelligence that broke Soviet codes, women who worked as nurses and intelligence agents near the front, bakers supplying thousands of soldiers.


Edyta Świątek, Fearless

Krzysztof Bochus, Seven Days of Ivan Frolov

Anna Bińkowska, Mechanic

Marcin Ciszewski, Bridge

Joanna Jax, East of Minsk

Sylwia Zientek, Colonel's Daughter

Ewa A. Girowicz, Wordographies, or (un)ordinary scenes from the life of AD 1920

Jacek Galiński, The Crossing

Marcin Jędrysiak, Recruitment Drums

Jacek Kalinowski, Wanda

Maciej Koncman, Justice in Prague

BartoszKozdęba, The Last Sunday

Rina Krempeć, Three Months to War

Bartosz Majorczyk, Muddy Freedom

Marek Strzała, Mr. Babel

Kamila Szmigiel, Three colors of the priest

Krzysztof Usakiewicz, Limbo

Jan Koska, We are all at war