Editorial team



Editor in Chief

Rafał Bielski – lawyer, collector of Warsaw photos, postcards and plans. Author of the repeatedly reissued album There was such a city. Warsaw on an old postcard , co-author of the album Lost City. Warsaw yesterday and today . Founder of the Skarpa Warszawska publishing house, member of the Society of Friends of Warsaw. Lover of thriller and crime literature.




Karol Górski – he wrote for both the paper ("Wprost", "Focus") and the Internet (naTemat.pl). He deals mainly with broadly understood cultural and lifestyle issues. He also spent several months in the sports department, which coincided with his main interests.

Michał Gruszczyński – historian, Varsavianist, at one time a historical reconstructor, co-author of Zygzakiem through the War (written together with Piotr Langenfeld).

Jakub Jastrzębski – graduate of the University of Warsaw, winner of the 1st Varsavian Amateur Championships "Retroring 2010", co-creator of the blog "Warsaw Identification", co-creator of the radio program "Kierunkowy 22", an expert on the iconography of Warsaw.

Grzegorz Kalinowski – former sports commentator, author of documentaries, writer. He has created a series of historical-sensational books Death to Suckers , Investigations of Kornel Strasburger , and most recently the Navy Blue , Liberated and Regained trilogy.

Grzegorz Mika – MSc. Eng. arch., PhD student at the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology, author of the book From great ideas to a large slab , architect and Varsavianist, creator and author of the portal Warszawski Modernizm 1905–1939.

Daniel Nalazek – historian of public transport. Co-author of a monograph on Warsaw buses and trolleybuses. Author of articles on the history of trolleybus communication in Poland. Author of the book Echoes of Old Warsaw. From the history of communication .

Piotr Otrębski – journalist, author of radio broadcasts, organizer and judge of the Varsavian Amateur Championships "Retroring" (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013), conducts educational walks with the Museum of Warsaw, writes a doctorate about the city.

Adam Podlewski – doctor of historical sciences, philosopher. Author of numerous short stories and historical novels , Honor and Crime , The Order of Saint Brutus , The Day of the Rope, and The Mills of Marymont .

Stefan Szczepłek - journalist of "Rzeczpospolita", winner of the Dariusz Fikus Award and the first winner of the Bohdan Tomaszewski Grand Press Award. Author of books on football. Born and lives in Warsaw.

Piotr Wierzbicki - Warsaw guide, journalist, author of Podchmielona historia Warszawski and the page "Warszawa Na Wyrywki" on Facebook.

Ida Żmiejewska – passionate about the history of the 19th century. Professionally, he advises people on how to plan their careers, but in every spare moment he writes. Author of the Warszawianka trilogy.